Player Attire


All participating players are to be correctly attired in identical team uniforms approved by Touch Pāpāmoa.


Footwear is compulsory for all players.  No shoes, no play!

Sneakers, cleats, touch boots, or shoes with soft moulded soles are permitted. 

Bare feet, spikes, and footwear with screw in studs are not permitted.


All players are to wear a unique identifying number, clearly displayed on the rear of the upper garment.  No two players of the same team may wear the same number.


Players are not to participate in any match while wearing any item of jewellery which might prove dangerous.  Any jewellery or other items that cannot be removed, are to be taped to the satisfaction of the referee.  Long (extend beyond the finger flesh when viewed from the palm) or sharp fingernails are to be trimmed or taped.


For the first three (3) weeks of the season, sets of playing bibs are available to hire for ten dollars ($10) per game.  

From week four (4) onwards, your team MUST be correctly attired in identical team uniforms with identifying numbers.  Failure to adhere to the uniform rule, teams will lose one (1) point for every person not correctly attired in their team uniform.

From week four (4) onwards, sets of playing bibs will only be available for games where teams are playing against another team wearing similar colours.  There will be no hire fee for these games.