Team Composition and Substitution


A team consists of a maximum of fourteen (14) players, no more than six (6) of whom are allowed on the field at any time.  

A team must have a minimum of four (4) players on the field for a match to commence or continue, except during a Drop-Off.  Where the number of players on the field from one team falls below four (4), the match is to be abandoned and the non-offending team is to be declared the winner.  This does not apply for players sent to the sin bin area. ​​​​​​​

Minimum of four (4) players, mixed scenario examples are: 

One (1) male + three (3) females

Two (2) males + two (2) females

Three (3) males + one (1) female


In mixed gender competitions, the maximum number of males allowed on the field of play is three (3), the minimum male requirement is one (1) and the minimum female requirement is one (1). 


Players may substitute at any time in accordance with the interchange procedure.  There is no limit to the number of times a player may interchange.


All interchanges must occur at or within the team’s substitution box, and only after the substituted player has crossed the boundaries and entered the substitution box.  All interchanges must be made on one side of the field and without delay.  Substitute players must remain in their substitution box for the duration of the match.  Physical contact does not have to be made between interchanging players.  Players leaving or entering the field shall not hinder or obstruct play and must enter play from an onside position.  Following a try, players may interchange at will without having to wait for the substituted player to enter the substitution box, but must do so prior to the tap being taken to recommence play.